Listing: Solo Instrument with Piano

Three beginner piano pieces – solo piano

  Three beginner piano pieces contributed to ‘Keyboard Classes Book 4’ (by Glenda Snyder)   Published Uniprint (NTU) 2004. ‘Frogs Jumping on the Keys’, ‘Sugar Glider Lullaby’ and ‘The Green Ants Tight-rope Walk’. Please contact me for further information about these excellent keyboard books.

Three Sketches of a Beach – solo cello with piano accompanist

Three Sketches of a Beach – for cello and piano. ? 1995 Written for Penny Lonsdale, premiered by Penny Lonsdale (cello) and Cathy Applegate (piano) Performed by Lucy Eames (cello) for her music degree examination (CDU) with Chen Hui (piano).