Listing: Musical Theatre

A Gecko’s Tale – musical theatre

Year: 2003, Instrumentation: Soloists, chorus, flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet in B flat, electric keyboard, guitar, electric bass guitar (or double bass), percussion (2 players including drum kit), strings ( – no double bass), kazoos for ‘Dinsdale’ and the chorus., Duration: 90 min.,

Felicity and the Bunyip – musical theatre

Felicity and the Bunyip, 2000 – text and music by Cathy Applegate, This musical for children (of all ages) was written for the Centre for Youth Music, Northern Territory University, Darwin. The work runs for about 90 minutes. A series of successful performances were staged in December 2000, directed by Kathleen Banks, Lecturer in Voice,…

Song’s from Ted Egan’s work – Balls and Chains